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In Heavy Hearts I named a character Finn after my favorite cartoon character, and lifeline to happiness, Finn the Human. I love him dearly.

So, as I was watching an episode of Adventure Time this morning with my breakfast (chocolate chip mini muffins if you were interested) a Fionna and Cake ep came on and I was like *lightbulb* I should name one of my femal characters Fionna! Wow. I’m so cool guys.

Carry on.

Heavy Hearts is now available on eBook and Paperback —> here

#TotheLighthouse on @BBCRadio4 with @TheRestIs_ as ‘Paul’


#TotheLighthouse on @BBCRadio4 with @TheRestIs_ as ‘Paul’


I know you all loved when Ben played Willoughby in the BBC 4 radio production of Sense and Sensibility, well now we get to hear the sweet sound of Ben’s voice through the radio once more! Starting Monday, August 11 BBC 4 radio will be playing 5 episodes of To the Lighthouse:

Virginia Woolf’s landmark modernist novel based on her own early experiences and published 1927 is dramatised by Linda…

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Here’s the full paperback cover for Heavy Hearts

The paper back copy will include the first chapter of my first novella told from Finn’s point of view. I’m really excited for everyone to read it. It’s definitely been one of my favorite things to write so far.

Paperbacks will be on sale the moment I receive my review copy and make sure everything’s perfect with it. Hopefully that won’t take much longer than a week.

I’ll post links once it’s live for purchase :)


I’m happy to announce that Heavy Hearts will have 3 companion novellas told from each of the male’s POV’s. I started with Finn because he was screaming the loudest to get out, and then I’ll most likely have the other two sometime in 2015. I hope to have Finn: a Heavy Hearts Novella out by the end of this year, but until I’m finished I won’t put a date on it. Here’s a little quote from the first chapter.

If you haven’t already, check out Heavy Hearts on Amazon now!

Also if you’re feeling charitable, I’ve started a Go Fund Me to try and raise money for hardcover copies and book swag.

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